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I solve problems through design.

Working closely with clients and partners to improve their design experience, I make things that are useful, that make you think, make you feel, and make you act. I use research and design to create experiences that align business goals with best practices in modern user-centered design. Specializing in digital product design, I help build complex web applications, lead multi-disciplinary teams, and develop design systems. 

I'm focused on learning, collaborating, and advocating for users. I've spent the last few years educating and providing resources for others to do the same. Since 2014, I have co-organized the Boston chapter of Action Design, an international non-profit exploring the intersection of behavioral economics, psychology, and design for advocacy, policy, and positive change. I have served as Director of Education, VP, and Director of Partnership and Community Outreach for AIGA Boston. I currently work at Mendix, leveraging and advocating for behavioral design and design thinking practices within the low-code space.

You can find me at the Fab@CIC, a maker community run by CIC, where I help with fabrication projects, events, and training; and at  Studio 213 in Boston's SoWa Art & Design District and at Atlantic Works in East Boston where I'm a contributing artist.

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