Sensory 2017

Leadership Insights for Product Professionals

I was lucky enough to spend the day at Fresh Tilled Soil for Sensory 2017.

Taking your product team to the next level

Great products start with great teams. Communication and team building can be as instrumental to your success as shipping features and building out a roadmap. During Sensory, you’ll hear from two of the top digital product leaders who have perfected the art and science of creating powerful products and teams. You’ll leave armed with elevated hard and soft skills needed to conquer any challenge that comes your way.



Patrick Petitti


Patrick Petitti is the co-founder and CEO of Catalant, the leading technology platform delivering elite business talent. Catalant has built a global network of more than 27,000 boutique consulting firms, custom teams, and independent experts, as well as best-in-class software tools for engaging and managing this market. Prior to founding Catalant, Petitti was a consultant at negotiation and conflict management consulting firm Vantage Partners, and before that at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Nate Walkingshaw


Nate, most widely known for his keen product development methodologies and passions, started his first company in 2004. He’s sold companies to Stryker and Strava before founding a technology research and development division inside O.C. Tanner Recognition Company. In January 2015, Nate was named the Chief Product Officer for Pluralsight—a leader in online learning for professionals. His passions are his family, running, biking, burritos and doughnuts.

Nick Di Stefano