Thesis Studio Recap

Week 3

Worked out some directions on where to take studio.

After looking into more digitally interactive spaces, played with the idea of an interactive playspace, like a puppet theatre, where people could add text and images and manipulate and add to them. The whole space could be like a storybook setting rather than just a stage.

Explored some other directions that appeal to me more though:

  • Making walls/spaces geared towards different age groups, encouraging people to write and add to them in response to certain questions.

One venue would be with small school children in a school, asking them to describe their community/school.

The second would be set in a high school, have them describe their studies, or what they would want to study in university.

A third would be in a corporate setting.

The last one could be two, one in an urban area and the other in a more suburban one and have people describe their community.

There would be a period of time in which people could contribute, then once that span passed, it would be documented and erased to start the cycle new.
With the progression of documentation, one could see the evolution to the answers to those questions over time.

  • Use murals to tell stories, revealing the history of different sites. An example being the Freedom Trail. not everyone sees the plaques describing the history behind each sites, or can. How can murals be used to visually show those histories to transmit their stories. What is that narrative like as you travel the city following the Trail?

  • How can murals be used as a wayfinding cities. Use murals to transorm the entry point into different parts of the cities to reflect their character, their stories, their histories. Make a system that can be used and extended through the different neighborhoods of the city.

  • Apply murals to the trains on the T to describe the character of the areas each line serves, since now the colors used have little reflection on the areas they serve. How do those images seem when moving along their paths?

Will explore the concept of “character” in how it relates to my thesis.

Nick Di Stefano