Thesis Studio Proposal

Research Summary

The focus of my research was murals, specifically justifying murals in a digital age, through how they act as interactive environments. I looked into murals and graffiti and their history in environments and how through history, people have used both as means to modify their surroundings and encourage dialogue. I also looked into how people and groups respond to them as a physical entity and their message. I also discussed their role in areas in conflict and the more recent movement of community-backed mural groups.

They act as outlets for dialogue in social settings, playing the role as both transmitter and receiver. Murals encourage and challenge people to stop, to think, and to act. They can be transformative both in how they alter the space they occupy and interact with, but the process to create on can also be transformative to those who take part in the process.

Project Concept

Environment Re-Evaluation

Tapping into the transformative and communicative aspects of murals, I would like to encourage dialogue and interaction by creating divides, or altering space in a way that people question their preconceptions of space. It could be by eliminating as aspect of the environment, or by adding something to it so as to bring people together to question and re-evaluate spaces they occupy.


Installation mock-up, Ad Campaign (Print, Web, Viral), Website, Print Literature (Pamphlet/Brochure)

Nick Di Stefano