DP1 follow up

Wednesday night was presentations for DP1, our first “discussion point” for the semester, checkpoint presentations to make sure we’re staying on course for thesis. We had to present to a panel of professors and fellow thesis students, recapping our research from last semester and discuss how it is informing our progress into studio. We had show any explorations we’ve made in terms of visuals and concepts and desciribe where we want them to lead in terms of a finished product for studio.

I presented projects from Grad Studio that were explorations into concepts and visual explorations like the previously posted Wall book and “character” pin board. After presenting, the comments from the panel focused on further exploring visuals and execution of my design. 

For this coming Wednesday, we are to have have made more progress and display what we have done so far since DP1 and present it, in a way that communicates what we have done and aim for, so that it speaks for itself, without needing us there to explain it, as preparation for DP2, which is formatted that way. 

I’ll also collect the results from the survey that I posted as well.

Nick Di Stefano