Siemens to Acquire Mendix

Effective last week, Mendix is now a Siemens business. Siemens hopes Mendix will help boost adoption of its own product MindSphere — a cloud-based software architecture that helps companies store large amounts of data collected from internet-connected devices — by making it easier for business to create apps that use the data stored in MindSphere.

The MindSphere concept is similar to the idea behind General Electric Co.'s Predix software, which forms the core of the GE Digital Division. But while Siemens is doubling down on its industrial software platform, reports emerged that GE is looking to sell parts of its digital division.

Being part of Siemens and the opportunity for the work we do as part of expanding IoT efforts is exciting. Connected experiences and their potential are among some go the reasons I got into design and UX from fine arts and installation art.

Mendix + Siemens,  Mendix Blog

Mendix + Siemens, Mendix Blog

In a blog post, Mendix CEO Derek Roos says Mendix will keep its own brand, all of its roughly 400 employees and all of its office locations. A company spokeswoman said Mendix employs 100 people in its Fort Point headquarters and plans to expand to 150 by the end of the year thanks to the acquisition.

Together with Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens AG, Jan Mrosik, CEO Digital Factory Division, and Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO PLM Software, Roos identified three strategic areas where Mendix could win together:

  1. Accelerate Mendix’ leadership in low-code by doubling down on R&D investments and geographical expansion: 
    By becoming a part of Siemens, we will be able to access an even bigger investment than going public, and we will immediately get access to an enormous global infrastructure that would take much longer to stand-up ourselves. We are committed to extending our leadership in low-code and will significantly accelerate investments in R&D, Customer Success and global expansion.

  2. Combine Mendix and MindSphere to create the digital operating system for the physical world: 
    With billions of intelligent devices and machines connected to the cloud, organizations will require a new kind of platform to turn these massive amounts of data into real-time business value. By combining Mendix and MindSphere, we will be in a unique position to bridge the physical and digital worlds.

  3. Extend the Mendix platform to develop world-class and deeply integrated industry SaaS solutions: 
    Becoming a part of Siemens gives us unprecedented access to deep industry know-how, network and expertise. Together with our partner ecosystem, we’ll be able to extend the Mendix platform with deeply integrated vertical solutions across a wide range of industries. Combining low-code with best-practice solutions and templates will provide even more value and speed to market for our customers.


"By becoming a part of Siemens, we will be able to access an even bigger investment than going public, and we will immediately get access to an enormous global infrastructure that would take much longer to stand-up ourselves,"

Derek Roos, Mendix CEO


In his blog post, Roos also details what being a part of Siemens will this mean for our customers, our team, our partners, and our community:

  • First of all, our mission isn’t changing. We’re just going to execute bigger! 
    Our customers will continue to receive the best innovations in app development from our team. We will continue to support the broadest technology ecosystems across all the verticals our customers operate in. Our platform will continue to be open, cloud-agnostic and the most extensible in the low-code space. Our product roadmap and direction won’t change, and we will continue to invest in the partnerships that have made us a leader in our space.

  • Second, Siemens is going to give Mendix a lot of autonomy so we can grow even faster. 
    Mendix will operate as a segment within Siemens’ Digital Factory Division. Our company name, “Mendix”, will be retained, as will our unique brand and culture. We will continue to maintain our Mendix office locations and everything that comes with those offices. Our entire team will be retained and continue to be structured and operate as it does today, including our founders and exec team. I will remain CEO of Mendix, now reporting to Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO of Siemens PLM, and the Mendix exec team will continue reporting to me.

  • Third, you now have the benefit of working with a leader in the low-code market, who has the might of a multi-billion-dollar, global enterprise behind them. 
    If you’ve ever wondered which low-code platform will have the viability to invest and win in the long term, you no longer have to guess. This commitment and investment from Siemens will allow us to accelerate R&D and geo-expansion investments significantly. You’re going to see faster innovation, more reach and an even better customer experience from us.

To read more about this news, check out Roos’ post on the Mendix blog.

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