Laboratory of Dilemmas

Can the old and the new live together? Should tradition or the familiar have to make way for progress and the uncertainty that comes with it? Addressing current global sociopolitical issues (with a backdrop of ongoing refugee crises, rising nationalistic and partisan politics, and the economic issues of Greece and the EU at large) the work deals with the anguish and confusion of individuals and social groups when called upon to address similar dilemmas. Presenting viewers with the arguments, the onus is on action. With a classic yet efficient plan, artist George Rivas turns the Greek pavilion into an allegory of today’s scientific, geopolitic and demographic issues with a clear allusion to migratory flows.

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Nick Di Stefano

Officially, the 57th Art Biennale takes place in the former Venetian military dockyard — the Arsenale — and in the national pavilions of the Giardini. Beyond the official showing, there are many official Collateral and auxillary events spread throughout the city, including other national pavillions and exhibitions representing the work of independant artists. Together, they encourage visitors to explore both well-known and familiar locations and offbeat parts of the city.

Nick Di Stefano
Textures di Venezia

After visiting Venice for 57th International Art Exhibition, I started collecting images of the textures and materials of the building and structures there.

I’m putting them together as a texture pack of free-to-use images on Unsplash. There’s a total of 33 high-res images, which I’ll be uploading in batches over the next few weeks. All images are 2448 × 3264 JPG.

Nick Di Stefano