How do you motivate and empower drivers to improve their performance and fuel efficiency?

Role: UI & UX Design, Front-End Devlopment



Driver retention is a growing industry problem and fuel is the largest expense for a trucking companies and small efficiency improvements can have a big impact to their bottom line. Vnomics uses an IoT device, True Fuel,™ embedded in trucks to track driver behavior and fuel waste. 

With an investment of more than $30 million, over a decade of advanced research and development, and roots in mission critical support of U.S.  Armed Forces, Vnomics has become one of the most powerful vehicle and fleet fuel optimization systems available in the industry today.


With many truckers aging and retention and recruitment a growing issue, Vnomics as looking for ways to better engage with drivers and get them more invested in improving their fuel efficiency. After interviewing drivers and researching other industry methods of driver engagements, tests were conducted over SMS to gauge driver interest in a coaching service.

User Flow Driver v1.png

Response to the SMS service was positive and they approached Mendix to help build a more robust version. Vision board and UX sessions were conducted with the Vnomics team to define target users and define a MVP for a coaching app.

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Based on findings personas were documented and through co-design sessions,  user journeys were mapped, initial wireframes sketched along with preliminary user stories. Using their branding, a proof of concept version of the app was presented at an industry conference to gauge response.

After the event, the app was built using the Mendix platform and tested and iterated with SME provided by Vnomics team. The app was launched app to public and tested with a pilot group.

Persona Trucker (Primary).png

Pain Points


A driver’s truck is often their home and the tracking device can be seen as invasive


Fleet managers don’t have the time to provide feedback soon enough to to improve performance in time each month


Without timely updates or ability to see information directly, gathered information is valued less


With the context of the above, drivers are less willing to works towards goals or bonuses



The MVP app provides clear indication of goal progress, a breakdown of fuel loss, tips for how to improve, records of past trips, and the ability to compare current and last months. It was delivered as a responsive web app and native Android/iOS app.

vnomics wireframes
vnomics screens


Officially kicked off on March 29th 2018, all MVP requirements met after 9 days of development by the Mendix team. Daily stand-ups and weekly sprint demos allowed for great feedback. We were able to leverage UX suggestions from POC cycle for faster development with pilot testing last week of April. The app went to production April 27th 2018, ahead of schedule and within budget.

The app empowers drivers to track and improve performance themselves. It informs drivers and enables faster action, rather than wait for monthly reviews with fleet managers, while also reducing work for fleet managers.

It fosters trust and transparency about True Fuel sensor and engages drivers more with their fleet. The app encourages retention and pride and competition for performance and drives reductions in fuel loss.


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