Make Your Impact

United Way

How do you encourage employees to become involved in charitable giving as habits and outlooks change both towards workplace involvement and charity?

Role: Research, UI & UX Design

AIGA, Freelance

Presented: Design Exchange Boston 2015, organized by AIGA Boston

Winner: 2015 DxB360 Social Innovation Challenge

Spotlight: FastCompany: Future of Philanthropy, 02.27.18


Changes in how employees view corporate giving and how people view their personal charitable outreach, along with misconceptions about United Way’s role in charitable giving was becoming an increasing barrier to their efforts. In response, UW sought ways to better understand and reach individuals to encourage giving.


A brainstorming session was held during AIGA Boston’s Design Exchange 360 social challenge. Concepts were tested, narrowed, and refined. After conducting group sessions, guerrilla testing, and in-person interviews; prototype testing sessions were held with over 15 companies in initial target pool.

Click-Through Prototype Screens used in testing groups



The focus shifted to an engagement platform rather than a transaction platform – focusing on the cause and impact rather than the acts of giving and payment – putting the needs served first rather than the amount given.


User testing proved overwhelmingly positive and allowed UW to connect directly with donors regardless of their job, location or campaign limitations. People were presented with a giving portfolio that would stay with them and be personalized to charitable interests. Through stories, notifications, and challenges, they would receive routine contact with their personalized cause.


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