Swell Rewards

Swell Rewards

How do you help clients better see the value in your product?

Role: Research, UI & UX Design





Clients weren't understanding what they were gaining through use of the platform, and the company was losing clients by not properly demonstrating the value generated by their product.


Meeting with product managers and customers for background on the project, I was able to access the platform to use for myself and compare it to requests and notes from clients to find opportunities to improve the referral dashboard on the platform.



The revised referral dashboard included requested functionality from clients, including a date picker option to time filtering and updated layout and color palette. A performance metrics section was added to better illustrate revenue gained from the platform.


Customer analysis also showed that customers referred through the platform became better long-term customers, so information and projections based on that were added. Hover states were updated to offer further data. Sections noting general trends, device and engagement metrics, and conversions were also added.


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