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How do you keep agents, employees, and clients up-to-date with a family of 15+ business units?

Role: UI & UX Design




The company had an out-of-date fan-book styled publication detailing business missions, contact information, financial updates, and business unit descriptions. It was distributed to employees and agents to provide easy access to business information. As part of a revamped marketing plan, a new version was desired, but one that was easier and cheaper to update and distribute. Clients and customers also wanted a version that was easily accessible. 

LinkedIn and marketing banners as part of new marketing initiative.

LinkedIn and marketing banners as part of new marketing initiative.


Working with the Marketing Communications and Finance departments, and individual business leads, information was prioritized and updated. Speaking with them and clients, a common theme was the desire for something they could access on their phone to have readility available. Without resources avialable from the IT department for building and deploying apps, I looked into possible delivery solutions. As part of our existing Adobe license, we had the option to use their Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to launch a pilot iOS tablet app.

App Landing Page

App Landing Page


Using the DPS pilot, we were able to guage interest and test how to best present the information. After making some updates based on feedback, we built a version available both to Android and iOS devices (tablet and phone). This updated version also allowed the Marketing department to run push notifications to let users when updates to content were made to keep users current on contact and business information, or when new financial information for the compay was distributed.


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