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OneBeacon Insurance Group

How do you keep agents, employees, and clients up-to-date with a family of 15+ business units?

Role: UI & UX Design (In-House)



The company had an out-of-date fan-book styled publication detailing business missions, contact information, financial updates, and business unit descriptions. It was distributed to employees and agents to provide easy access to business information, but a goal was to also make it available to clients/customers. As part of a revamped marketing plan, a new version was desired, but one that was easier and cheaper to update and distribute.


Working with the Marketing Communications and Finance departments, along with business leads, information was prioritized and updated. Research was also conducted to review delivery platform options.

 App Landing Page

App Landing Page


A digital app creation platform was chosen that allowed for easy updating by communications teams, along with an update and versioning schedule. Content was updated and used to build an app for iOS, android, and kindle; with push notification capabilities.