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How can we better enable and inform customers while reducing call center costs?

Role: Research, UI & UX Design





Homesite would experience service center call volume at around 1 million calls per year. At an average of 8 minutes each, that accounts for 133,000 hours per year or 65 full time employees. A large percentage of calls are for services that a customer should be able to complete on the Homesite OnLine Servicing (OLS) Portal.


After inquiring with call center representatives, we were able to identify that a large portion of calls involved submitting tickets to change policy details.  Incomplete information would often result in long, uncontrolled email exchanges between reps and customers, which took longer and reducing addressed call volume.

Evaluating the OLS portal revealed an experience that was confusing to customers and that it offered little—if any—helpful, relevant information was to guide customers. Customer research supported the findings. Customers quickly grew frustrated and would call the Call Center because they felt as if they had no alternative. From the findings, it was decided to build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in OLS. After testing several names, “Help Center” was chosen as the name that customers most closely associated with getting their questions answered. 

Screenshot of annotated prototype in Axure

Screenshot of annotated prototype in Axure



Help Center was launched with an initial 40 common questions. Instead of a standard FAQ page with a never-ending list of questions that, when clicked on, would reveal a previously hidden answer, questions were divided into 4 groups :

  • Informational

    These FAQs would be informational only with no Call to Action.  This is what most users consider when they think about a FAQ.

  • Functional

    Providing helpful text along with a Call to Action that would direct the user to the appropriate section of the OLS portal that contained their information

  • OLS/Portal-Specific

    These include an embedded form that, once filled out and submitted, would create a servicing ticket with the provided information. Having this completed form would eliminate the need for mentioned email exchanges.

  • Cancellation

    Serving a similar function as the OLS FAQ, but would create a different kind of service ticket upon form completion.

The new form functionality and confirmation process aligned with requests from both the customer and customer service sides. The Help Center home page served the 10 most frequent questions, with the option to view more questions. Individual FAQ pages included related questions, along with the options to search or call a representative. To make sure the content remained useful, users also have the option to rate pages as being helpful or not.

Sample question mock-up

Sample question mock-up

Design iteration for Help Center welcome page

Design iteration for Help Center welcome page


The streamlined ticket submittal flow allowed for a reduction in call volume and reduction in average call time, resulting in a savings of work hours per day.



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