Head in the Clouds

Head in the clouds (Series)

How can you encourage reflection through light and opacity?

Role: art direction & construction




An experiment in using paper and light--constructed from laters of vellum and low opacity papers with string lights--to create a dream-like space to wander through both physically and mentally.  It became a series of installation pieces customized to the space used for each individual iteration.


Head in the Clouds I

The first iteration was part of a group exhibition at a gallery space at the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University. The exhibition, titled Body Language, was a selection of pieces presenting interpretations of idioms pertaining to the human body. This first iteration was built into the entrance to the exhibition, as part of a snaking corridor that attendees would wind through to get to the rest of the exhibition. 

Head in the Clouds Ii

The second interaction was part of another group exhibition, this time at Atlantic Works Gallery. It was shown as part of that year's new member show (this showing titled, Lick it Up: A Taste of New Members). This was a month-long installation taking a quarter of the the gallery space. For this iteration, encouraged by its placement in the space, people started to use it as a space of meditation and reflection, often laying on the floor and looking up at the installation. 

Head in the Clouds III

Following the close of Lick it Up, I was invited to make a semi-permanent version in the entrance to the Atlantic Works Gallery. Visitors to the gallery would walk through the hall entrance and the installation to the entrance doors to the gallery proper.

Head in the Clouds IV

The fourth iteration was part of a curated exhibition at the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media, part of Boston CyberArts, titled IDENTITY ELEMENT: WORKS FROM THE NEW AXIOM GROUP.  It was installed in a transitional space, connecting various parts of the exhibition together. 

Head in the Clouds V

Unlike the previous iterations, V was commissioned for installation in a private residence. 


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