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Individuals filing claims online or via telephone have no way to track the status of their claim without calling.

Role: Research, UI & UX Design



The overall goals of the project were to reduce call center volume and provide useful information to claimants to help them through the process of resolving a claim.

The business team had entered the project kick-off with a set of requirements based on assumptions they held about people filing claims. After reviewing of their requirements, and owrking with another designer, we requested time to conduct some research and gather feedback from actual users who had recently filed claims with other companies and revise our requirements on the data obtained. We also researched people who had never filed a claim before to better understand their context and mental model of the process looked like.


25 users were presented with multiple data points in a card sorting exercise to fit them into 4 categories to gauge how they should be prioritized:  

  • Most Important

  • Important

  • Least Important

  • I don't know what this is

The final I don't know what this is was provided to identify and points that were unfamiliar or viewed as  ambiguously termed. Of the 25 participants, 10 had never filed a claim before.  The results of the study showed conclusively that the mental models of both groups were sufficiently similar and one solution would suffice for both. Some additional guerilla testing was conducted with the card sort; usign the lobby cafe as a source for participants. 

Annotated prototype, in Axure

Annotated prototype, in Axure

The results of the sorting helped organize and priortize information and a prototype was built to test. Most users with average internet skills were able to easily find the information that they deemed important. Tests also helped with crafting copy that was more conversational to help aleviate anxiety since people would often be operating in more of a crisis when filing.  

Example of tested progress display

Example of tested progress display


The platform design system was applied to prototype and again testing with UI adjustments made based on test feedback. In testing designs, multiple visual representations of claim progress were tested with users. 



A new page was added to servicing platform: Claim Center.
 This page presents users with needed information, prioritized according to the findings of the card sort study.  They are also provided their claims adjustor's contact information.


Claims are presented individually as cards, including adjustor and contact information. A progress display is also included to better illustrate where a claim is in the evaluation process with any relevant information pertaining to its current in the step process, like detailing newly submitted claims need to processed and claimants will be contact when they have been.

Displaying progress greatly reduced calls from claimants, especially right submitting a claim. Many would submit and call right after, not realizing it hadn't been processed yet. Expectations were better set, allowing claimants to be better informed through the process.


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